Sail & Canvas Repairs

Sail Repairs, Cleaning and Upgrades

SAIL Technologies provides a wide range of sail and canvas repair services. Whether you are seeking a spinnaker repair or an enhancement to an existing sail, we can create a custom solution for you.
* Repair of Dacron and Mylar Laminate Sails

* Replace/Add Leech and Foot Lines, as well as Replace Cleats

* New Telltales

* Add Spreader Chafe Patches

* Re-stich Worn Seams and Corner Patches

* Replace Old Grommets with New Stainless Grommets

* Replace Snagging Luft Ropes with Low Friction Sliders or Slugs

* Upgrade to Soft Hanks for PBO Rigged Boats

* Upgrade to Full Length Battens and Batten Pockets

* New Sail Numbers and Insignias

* New Headboards and Clew Boards

* Adding Reef Points

* Professional Washing of Sails and Sun Covers

Canvas Repairs

* Canvas Patches, Tear Repair

* Replace Corroded Grommets

* Replace Worn Zippers

* Replace UV Shade Bands on Roller Furled Headsails

* Re-stich UV Damaged Thread

* Pockets Added or Repaired

* Windows Added or Repaired

SAIL Technologies Performance Sails